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June 26, 2005


Diane Rose

Hi Gailann!
Thank you for these insights that you are sharing with everyone.
It can be difficult to balance living your dream life with the realities of life but if your heart is in it then it helps alot! Sometimes I do find that living is opening your heart and sometimes breaking your heart and then healing your heart. In the process we have the potential to find ourselves as we are here to do. We all have less than 100 years here! (Well except for a few)
One of the reasons that I love my job is that I get to meet people like you who inspire me to be my best self. Thank you!

Lori Herring

Hey Gailann,

Wow! Your site is perfect for the careerchanger, especially since I am a careerchanger by choice. In the past week I spent 15 hours reconstructing my resume. However, I think I'll go back and try again based on your advice because I like my resume but I don't believe in it. I want to believe in my resume so I'll try your prescibed methods and see how it goes. Thanks and it was nice meeting you by the way.


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